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Mad Agents Version 2.0.1 Available with PowerShell MFi Controller Compatibility

Mad Agents iOS app game played on Logitech PowerShell

We are super excited to have released Mad Agents Version 2.0.1 this week featuring compatibility with the PowerShell Made For iOS, or MFi controller.

It’s exciting for us to be able to expand Mad Agents’ controller compatibility list and bring the iOS ecosystem a little closer to that dream that retro gamers like us have had Read On…

Press Release: Mad Agents Version 2.0.1 compatible with PowerShell MFi controller

Mad Agents retro, 8-bit universal free game by family-owned iOS app development studio Startled Monocle now features PowerShell compatibility.

MISSION VIEJO, CA – January 24, 2014 – Startled Monocle App Development Studio announces Mad Agents version 2.0.1. The free retro, 8-bit app is now compatible with Logitech’s PowerShell MFi controller for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and 5th generation iPod. PowerShell controllers are available for purchase in Apple Stores. The Mad Agents app is also compatible with the MOGA ACE™ POWER controller.

Version 2.0.1 of the retro-inspired platformer offers real-time multiplayer gameplay over Game Center. Players use power-ups, stealth, and cunning to disable enemy agents through 54 levels and 6 boss levels with the end goal of rescuing the hero’s fellow agents and friends. Players must collect all 180 gems to unlock multiplayer.

“You’ll take on bosses, grab a variety of power-ups, and try to blast your way to each goal with dynamite. I’ve been playing a bit of it over the past day or so and it’s pretty fun — especially at the always loveable price of ‘free.'” –

The Mad Agents app is available for FREE on the Apple App Store:

More information and news for Mad Agents can be found at

About Startled Monocle

Startled Monocle is a family-run iOS app development studio based in Orange County, California. The studio specializes in games fit for any audience. Startled Monocle game designers have a propensity for inserting retro gaming elements nostalgic of their childhood. Startled Monocle continues to innovate in mobile gaming, providing Apple iOS device users with a fun, interactive gaming experience for any age.