So What Was the Inspiration for Mad Agents? (With Original Artwork Sketches)

Startled Monocle Stunned Saucer by Designer Van Le

The idea for the game actually originated back in the early 90’s. Back then, we rarely got to buy videogames. In fact, in our family, our parents bought us exactly one video game a year. Even if the game was terrible, we would have to learn to love it.

Startled Monocle Chaser by Designer Van LeAfter beating one of our favorite games again and again and again and again, we would naturally get bored. The problem was that you had to wait until the following year until we could get a new game. So what to do if we happened to beat a game really quickly?

Startled Monocle Main Character Designs by Designer Van Le
Do a different activity?

Find a new hobby?

Go out and enjoy the sunshine?

Startled Monocle Stun by Designer Van Le

Nope! We’d find alternative ways to play the game to extend the shelf-life.

Startled Monocle Stunned Saucer by Designer Van Le

We turned one of our favorite co-op games, Bubble Bobble, into a competition by forbidding ourselves from attacking the enemies and seeing who would die first. We called this game (you guessed it) Mad Agents. The challenge was turning this basic concept into a compelling single-player experience. After throwing different ideas around, we knew that the essence of our game was the idea of running and hiding from enemies… enemies that got angry.

Startled Monocle Power Glove by Designer Van Le

So there you have it. A game based on an idea that is over two-decades old… It’s just like the origins of Wall-E!


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