Mad Agents User Manual – Enemy Descriptions

The Mad Agents enemies are challenging adversaries…

Enemy Descriptions for Mad Agents retro game iOS app by Startled Monocle

The Mad Agents enemies are challenging adversaries, using their various skills and weapons to prevent you from saving your IDA agent friends. The best way to defeat an enemy is to know their tactics. Read on, brave Agents, and save your comrades and the IDA from attack!


Rocko Enemy Mad AgentsThese “block-heads” are low-level enemy agents. They may be dim-witted, but Rockos really know how to move when they have an enemy in their sights.


Gunnar enemy Mad AgentsGunnar is a big guy with a big cannon. When he sets his sights on you, you better watch out for his fiery cannon ball.


Ninjump enemy Mad AgentsThe Ninjump Crew is the name that this group of special agents have given themselves. They may look a little on the pudgy side, but don’t underestimate their speed and acrobatic abilities.


FlyGuy enemy Mad AgentsDanger from above! FlyGuys are agents with jetpacks. These agents can move anywhere they please. There’s nowhere to hide from a FlyGuy.


Dag enemy Mad AgentsDags are guard robots that constantly fly around looking for enemies. Without any real intelligence, Dags just fly in straight lines, only turning after they bump into a wall.

Dag 2.0

Dag 2.0 enemy Mad AgentsThe improved Dag 2.0 is a lot like its predecessor, Dag, except that Dag 2.0 has been upgraded with the ability to fly through some platforms.


PewPew enemy Mad AgentsPewPews are robots designed to rain fire down on enemies. You better watch your head whenever there are PewPews around.


We recently released a sneak preview of the newest enemy coming to Mad Agents retro game. Find out more here

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