Game Designer Van: Mad Agents V.2 Was The Original Vision

I couldn’t be more excited to have Mad Agents finally out and available to the public, for free.

"great game, great retro graphics, nice controls" - psj3809 TouchArcade Forums

Van Le - Designer, Startled MonocleIt’s been a couple days since we released version 2.0 of Mad Agents for FREE – with multiplayer! I couldn’t be more excited to have it finally out and available to the public. Check out the Mad Agents multiplayer video, if you haven’t already had a taste of 2-player mode:

Believe it or not, multiplayer was actually the original vision of Mad Agents. We never envisioned the game with a single-player experience prior to development. During development we saw the potential for single-player mode and decided to go for it with multiplayer to come after.

Long, my brother and Startled Monocle’s developer, and I have so many fond memories of 2-player games that allowed you to play simultaneously with another person. Games like Contra, Gradius, Balloon Fight, and Bubble Bobble were some of our favorites precisely because we were able to play together. We flipped out the first time we were able to play Secret of Mana (a 3-player Adventure-RPG that uses the multitap) alongside our sister, who incidentally created the music for Mad Agents with her fiancée!


Multiplayer experiences are always on our mind when we create games and we couldn’t be happier that we’ve been able to share it with people. The thing with multiplayer games is that they’re better when more people play them. So we appreciate the support of our fans on Twitter, Facebook, and gaming message boards and hope that you’ll continue to help spread the word about our two-bit operation.

We’re off to a new project now and we’ve got some exciting news that we can’t wait to share with you. Until next time…



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