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Mad Agents Version 2.0.1 Available with PowerShell MFi Controller Compatibility

Mad Agents iOS app game played on Logitech PowerShell

We are super excited to have released Mad Agents Version 2.0.1 this week featuring compatibility with the PowerShell Made For iOS, or MFi controller.

It’s exciting for us to be able to expand Mad Agents’ controller compatibility list and bring the iOS ecosystem a little closer to that dream that retro gamers like us have had Read On…

Startled Monocle’s Game Designer Speaks – A Brief Message from Van

metalcasket TouchArcade Moderator Quote with Ninja

This is Van, Game Designer for Startled Monocle. Releasing our first platformer has been a time-consuming, nerve-wracking experience, but a lot of the feedback has been so gratifying. It’s good to know that there is still a strong community of retro-gamers out there who appreciate gaming from my era.  Read On…